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Seephylliz raja clothing distro dari Jogja

Let’s take a look at Seephylliz!
Seephylliz, a clothing company  that focuses on designing apparel that has its own and unique style, was founded in Yogyakarta in September 2005.
Seephylliz, with dedication, hard working, and idealism, provide you various magnificent and stylish artworks and designs that represent our identity. The “INSIDE-OUT, UNFINISHED, and MESS” of Seephylliz infection offer you a different fashion trend.
Our products are packed in a perfect concept with a brave, exclusive, and the supernormal level. 
Please note, every Seephylliz products use the “INSIDE-OUT, UNFINISHED, and MESS” concept that makes us different.
So, if you sick of a boring-style clothing and seek a new style of clothing and apparel that a thousand other people are not wearing then Seephylliz is your choice.

By the end of 2011 Seephylliz has set its products into three brands:  Seephylliz Deluxe, Sippirilli, and Hellacious.
For you who love a simplicity, we recommend our newest product Seephylliz Deluxe in a simple, elegant, and modern style. 
For you who seek a fun and colorful concept, we offer Sippirilli in  the unique character design.
And for you who are fulfilled with a high motivation and spirit, we suggest to pick the Hellacious that represents a youth, rebellion, rock n roll.

Seephylliz has a long term vision to develop our company to become one of the clothing business cores in Indonesia and expand its retail business around the world. We have expanded our business in Indonesia starting in Jakarta, Bandung (wholesale service), Malang, and also have spread our wings in South East Asia from Malaysia to Philipines. And all of that success is not only because of our idealism and hard work, but also because of the loyalty of our consumers.
As an appreciation for you all, in our sixth anniversary, we plan to build strong relationships with all of our consumers through the best support from our customer services.
We welcome the opportunity to do business with you, and hope to do so in the future. In this website you will find many our clothing designs that are offered in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. If you’re looking for some free merch and a chance to work with Seephylliz, feel free to contact us.
All we have done is based on our principal: “Every great one comes from a simple one....Coz we're here, we're real and we're ready to completely infect your life....!!
So, what next you’re waiting for...watch out!  We`ll infect you!

 Seephylliz new store

Distro baru dengan konsep old country menjadi pilihan kami untuk semakin lebih baik dan tentu saja memanjakan semua customer kami. Distro kami ada di jalan Cendrawasih no.31 Jogjakarta. Berikut ini beberapa foto distro kami :

Sebagai wujud keseriusan kami untuk mengembangkan bisnis fashion maka kami selalu tertantang untuk mengeluarkan berbagai produk baru yang up to date. Berikut ini beberapa contoh dari produk yang kami keluarkan pada bulan Januari 2013:

Produk di atas hanyalah sebagain kecil dari produk kami. masih banyak sekali produk yang bisa Anda lihat di distro kami. 
Berikut ini beberapa foto pera customer yang datang dan belanja langsung ke distro Seephylliz

Untuk pembelian langsung silahkan datang ke Seephyllis Store Jl. Cendrawasih no.31 Jogjakarta

Bagi Anda yang ingin melakukan pembelian secara online silahkan hubungi :  
Order Online 0856 435 44033

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